Toonies were saved for another trip south to Hurricane Utah and a week of rolling across mesas on two wheels.
Where did they go?
You don't have to look far on the internet to find Ellsworth hate. Tales of customer service issues from decades past and comments that seem to indicate that Ellsworth's designs are so repulsive that the person behind the keyboard was compelled to gouge their eyes out after seeing such a hideous creation. Ellsworth doesn't seem at all interested in getting into debates with armchair experts. Instead the old slogan "Those who ride know" confidently dismisses the chatter.

The Ellsworth Method is designed as a 180mm travel bike replacing the slightly longer travel Rogue. For those who like categories you could try to slot the Method into Mini-DH, Freeride, or some other buzz word that you like best. It's a bike with two pedals, two wheels, and handlebars. You can pedal it up hills and ride it down them. It might just be a "Mountain Bike!"
If the word "Fugly" came to mind you're reading the wrong review or you're morbidly curious.

Still finding some fun with a bad snowpack throughout the Rockies.
The previous year's amazing conditions had us hoping for more of the same. However, the Akamina Parkway was closed this time around due to avalanches forcing exploration in the heart of downtown Waterton.